cossus smallYou can tell if you're a bit out of touch with nature when during your morning stroll you are halted in mid-step by the discovery of a Cossus Cossus in its larva stage, and this prompts you to think you have discovered a new species of bug.

"I've never ever seen such a wondrous creature anywhere within the boundaries of the Overcultivated Netherlands before! Surely, a creature this extravagant must have escaped someone's collection of whatever exotic menagerie! People of the streets, gather round!"

Then back home, to find that what me, my company, and all passers-by of that moment are actually gawking at is in fact a dirt-common type of moth, is somewhat underwhelming, not to say embarrassing. We were dealing with a caterpillar of the Cossidae family, more specifically the Cossus Cossus, or Goat Moth (dutch: Wilgenhoutvlinder). And they are to be found, well, just about anywhere in all of Europe.