The body louse (Pediculus humanus humanus) isn't a microbe, but it is a very tiny creature. Its tinyness is especially noticeable when you try to stick it between some cellotape and a microscope slide. Which is exactly what I did when I found one on my bald head.

So I'm watching it wiggle its magnified legs in front of the 900x lens. It can just barely do so by the room that's given it by the sticky tape. Now here's a thought: do I feel sorry for the little bugger? Can one feel pity for such a tiny speck of life? Can we feel pity for pests? Bloodsuckers must die, right?

Well of course we can. Humans are able to feel pity even for things that aren't really alive, like cartoon figures. In fact, this even holds true when the cartoon figure is nothing more than a geometric shape!

And so I did feel pity for the wiggly bug. That's why I took precautions not to prolong the process of its termination. Louses are tough critters. It's hard to build the required amount of pressure between finger and thumb to crush it; you actually have to catch it between the tips of your fingernails to get the job done right. And so I did. A clean death for an unclean creature.