Fruit Tree Mite

As a macroscopic observer, I was halted in the exercise of eating a nectarine by tiny movements on the face of this fruit. A colony of teeny tiny creepers was frantically escaping from a hole in the top of the nectarine, fleeing from what must have been their home; the hollow inside of the pit. Stil…

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Cossus Cossus

You can tell if you're a bit out of touch with nature when during your morning stroll you are halted in mid-step by the discovery of a Cossus Cossus in its larva stage, and this prompts you to think you have discovered a new species of bug.

"I've never ever seen such a wondrous creature anywhere wit…

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The body louse (Pediculus humanus humanus) isn't a microbe, but it is a very tiny creature. Its tinyness is especially noticeable when you try to stick it between some cellotape and a microscope slide. Which is exactly what I did when I found one on my bald head.

So I'm watching it wiggle i…

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