Many a reference to a "macrobe" seem to be coming from the world of esoterics, metaphysics and conspiracy. This is a strange world to me, and even though I am not inclined to get to know it any better, I do want to take note of any mention of the word that is "macrobe", so I must proceed and record what was said.MacrobesAsAboveSoBelowPage1

Today I found this: It's a short post from someone calling themself "ConspiracyBuff", in what I gather is a forum of some kind.

  • Conspiracybuff seems to think that since there are microbes, there "must be" macrobes; which sounds quite logical!
  • Also, their intuition tells them that macrobes "are the most complex and also largest form of consciousness".
  • There is multiple mentioning of people "sacrificing energy" to macrobes, but how and why is unclear.
  • The point of their post is to "open a discussion of macrobes, their role, possible origin, and to expose research if any.", which of course I applaud!