Macrobe spotted!

Today, in my quest to determine the exact nature of the macrobe,  I stumbled upon an ancient web page that contained a reference to a certain mr. T, whom I had never heard of, who alledgedly "talked about" macrobes!

Tsarion talked about a Macrobe species which the illuminati brotherhood make ritual sacrifices too.

He said we are to them, what bactria are to us.

Anyone got anymore info.

Now when I read "illuminati" anywhere, my instinct tells me to stop reading - my brain wants to keep clean of talk about aliens who obduct people, reptilians who pose as humans among us, planets that hide behind the sun, really any type of 'secret' beings and 'mysterious' entities and their silly conspiracies, macchiavelian machinations and improbable plots. I don't care for the mindset that compells otherwise healthy people to come up with these ideas, and the very mention of them sends shivers down my spine. So when I read the first reaction to the first post on this page, I had a good laugh!


If bacteria started making sacrifices to you, would you even notice?

Would you notice indeed. This little piece of comment should have urged the first poster to admit what a silly question he asked. But I'm afraid that didn't happen. No matter; all that counts is this: the word macrobe is in use, in a unique way, by -probably- a substantial part of the public, who are looking for a particular truth out there.