Macrobes above top secret?

Many a reference to a "macrobe" seem to be coming from the world of esoterics, metaphysics and conspiracy. This is a strange world to me, and even though I am not inclined to get to know it any better, I do want to take note of any mention of the word that is "macrobe", so I must proceed and record…

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Appearently, serious efforts are made to honor the word 'macrobe' with official recognition!


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Macrobe spotted!

Today, in my quest to determine the exact nature of the macrobe,  I stumbled upon an ancient web page that contained a reference to a certain mr. T, whom I had never heard of, who alledgedly "talked about" macrobes!

Tsarion talked about a Macrobe species which the illuminati b…

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Gromia Sphaerica

Respectable dictionaries of the english language don't seem to list 'macrobe' among thier entries. Yet different sources on the internet that I've encountered do offer a wide range of definitions for this word. Appearantly none of them have gained official status.  Let's look at a few.

You migh…

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